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None of the work published on this website or in magazines under my name was written using any AI tools— including, but not limited to: poetry, blog posts, newsletters, or any kind of visual or generative art.

If you are someone who uses AI frequently, here are a few things to know about AI:

1. ChatGPT uses 500ml of water to process between 5 to 50 prompts.

2. Training an AI model uses up to 626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

3. AI works using copyrighted intellectual property without attribution.

4. OpenAI outsourced Kenyan workers to do traumatic work without appropriate payment or mental health provisions.

5.The overnight surge in electricity demand from AI data centers is outstripping the power supply in many parts of the world.

The general harm caused by AI to our people, collective consciousness, and the planet aside, [not to mention all the misinformation floating around!] I do believe that all art is created through and for the human experience. I enjoy writing about things I feel deeply about, taking photographs of things I find beautiful, and making art with my hands for people to see and feel seen in. I simply don't see the point of having an artificial intelligence model do those things for me.

This is an /ai page, inspired by Damola Morenikeji.
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